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I am unable to find my resume

To manage your resume, please sign in and you'll be taken to your Dashboard. You will see a list of any resumes you have made, then you can view, edit, and share your resume link. Click the pencil icon beside your resume to make your edits. Make sure to save your information once you've edited it!


I want to add a photo to my profile

We are currently working on this feature and adding more templates.

Is Jobs Bazaarena Resume Builder is free?

Our Resume Builder is completely free to use, and once a resume is created, it will be available to its owner online anytime. You can edit it, share your online resume link.

You always have the choice to upgrade your account to receive premium features such as downloading your resume in Word or PDF format, downloading premium templates, and printing and sharing your resume via email with employers.

To access your download options, please sign in to On your Dashboard you will see the icon for the "Download Options" where you can choose your type of download. Or, if you wish, you can subscribe to the Premium Membership at anytime by clicking the blue "Upgrade" button at the top of your screen.

I want to download my resume

To download your resume,signin into your Jobs Bazaarena account and hover on the link resume builder after that click on the link download attachments. In the attachment page you will get your latest resume which you created.

My PDF doesn't fit the page properly

You may experience this if you have chosen a "digital" template for your resume. Digital templates are specially formatted to give your resume a great look online, but they are not meant for printing. If you would like to print a hard copy of your resume, please choose a template other than "digital" and you should have no problems.